Our energy brokerage service cuts out the stress and confusion that the energy market can bring and allows you & your organisation to do what you do best. Whether you're looking for independent advice, someone to broker you the best deal or a company that will look after everything utility related, we are here to help.

The energy market in the UK is becoming increasingly complex, any wrong move can significantly impact on costs and sometimes on the continuity of supplies. With our expert knowledge of the market we can guide you through the pitfalls to make sure this doesn't happen.      

Find out free if you're getting the best deal in 3 simple steps...



Send us a signed Letter of Authority (LoA) and a copy of your latest bill for each meter



We will contact your existing suppliers to obtain your supply / contract information



We send you a report, comparing your current contracts with alternative contracts using live market pricing  

To start the process simply request a call back or email us.

We take some details and provide you with a tailored Letter of Authority for you to sign and send back to us. We'll then do the rest.

What's a Letter of Authority?

An LoA allows us to talk to your suppliers and gather consumption and contract information. Don't worry it doesn't permit us to enter into new contracts, it simply enables us to compare suppliers.

Why can't I have an instant quote?

Every organisation is different and so are their energy demands. Energy requirements need to be properly understood and because of this we believe human analysis is the best approach, ensuring the most appropriate contracts are sourced. 

 Contact us now and we will arrange a convenient time to come and meet with you. Unlike many of our competitors we like to get to know our clients face to face and as energy surveyors we like to understand the energy requirements of your site(s) and operations. We don't mind getting our hands dirty either, having a look around or helping you find that elusive electricity meter! This knowledge and understanding of your organisation enables us to provide the best possible advice to you when you are considering new contracts.  


This service is free and you're under no obligation to do anything. It's a great opportunity to get to know each other and hopefully start a long term working relationship.   

Our Commitment To Your Organisation

Striking a new energy contract is just the start, the real value of our service comes to light throughout the duration of your contract and the period leading up to your contract renewal. Below is our service commitment to you when you join us. 

Account Management

Think of us as an outsourced energy department. We can provide total management of your accounts dealing with any queries and suppliers so you don't have to. At the same time we know that some organisations may want to have more involvement and that's fine too. We will integrate into your organisation as required. 


All our clients are allocated their own Account Customer Manager so you have the a single point of contact who is only a phone call away.  

  • Invoice exception

  • Query & case resolution

  • Supplier management

  • Debit & credit control

  • Change of status

  • New connections

Bill Validation & Refunds

The energy market in the UK has changed considerably in recent years with volatile prices and transformation policies such as the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) and Combined Distribution Charging Methodology (CDCM). All this has resulted in an unwanted side effect in that one in three meters has been overcharged in the past 6 years.


We ensure this doesn't happen by validating every invoice from your supplier before you pay the bill. We can also review your historical bills before you joined us and see if we can obtain any refunds from over charging. For historical refunds, we would agree a fee for a percentage of the refund but there is no charge until payments are recovered.   

  • 1 in 3 meters overcharged

  • 21% of bills incur errors

  • We receive invoices direct from your supplier and validate within 48 hours 

  • We use Invoice Rebuild Method

  • We raise any exceptions and manage the resolution

Intelligent Market Analysis

Many brokers take the back seat once your contracts are up and running and wait until your contracts are almost up for renewal before contacting you again. In the volatile energy market we live in, this is a poor approach to future energy purchasing and can cost you as the customer significant amounts of money simply by securing prices at the wrong time.


Energy contracts can be purchased up to three years ahead and this provides a great opportunity to take advantage of volatile energy markets, if you know what to look for. Our market experts understand the various energy market forces and we will contact you at opportune times during your contract to secure new prices. Non of us have a crystal ball that can tell the future but that doesn't stop us from intelligently monitoring the markets and advising our customers accordingly.  

  • UK wholesale gas prices have fluctuated by ±50% within the last 5 years and electricity prices by ±24% 

  • Within the last 12 months of your contract we actively monitor the market on your behalf

  • We can lock in prices up to 3 years ahead