We provide independent expert advice on sourcing and comparing different funding options for energy saving projects. The most attractive funding sources, those offering grant funding, are only available through competitive bidding. We offer professional bid writing for a number of these schemes and have great success rates. 


In line with the UK governments Clean Growth Strategy and commitment to reduce carbon emissions, the UK offers a range of funding and financing options for low carbon projects. We are at the forefront of the funding opportunities available and can offer unrivaled advice for funding low carbon projects, across all sectors. 

Our funding expertise includes

Salix Finance

Salix Finance is funded by the Department for Business Energy & Industry Strategy (BEIS) and provides interest free loans to all public sector organisations wanting to make energy efficiency improvements to their estates. 

We have secured over £15million of Salix funding in recent funding rounds for energy efficiency projects. Our dedicated energy assessors have several years' experience of the Salix process and are experts in identifying suitable projects, fundable under Salix. Taking them from an idea through to completion.   


We have secured Salix for numerous public sector clients including Academies, Colleges, Universities, NHS Trusts and Public Authorities.

Academy & College Funding

The dated condition of many of our Schools and Sixth Form Colleges in the UK has led to the introduction of the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) to address building condition issues and provide the much needed investment to carry out improvement projects. Many of which have energy saving benefits.

We are experts in securing grant funding such as CIF and have secured over £30million in recent rounds. We pride ourselves on our capabilities to develop and deliver robust and successful projects.  

Example projects include building fabric renovations such as new roofing and windows, gas safety, boiler replacements and heating improvements or electrical infrastructure upgrades. 

UK & EU Low Carbon Funding Programmes

As apart of the UK's shift to a low carbon economy and commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, several low carbon grant funding programmes have been introduced over the last 10 years' to  act as a catalyst and help drive this change. 

We have secured funding and delivered a number of low carbon programmes during this period and are experts in the bid writing and the stakeholder engagement activities associated with many of these programmes.


Typical projects have included implementing innovative demonstration projects for new technologies and supporting SME businesses to identify and implement low carbon technologies.  

We keep a close watch for new programmes as they are released and therefore we are perfectly positioned to access this funding when it becomes available.  

Energy Asset Finance

The UK is currently in a low interest rate environment, which means that asset finance for energy saving projects can be particularly attractive when structured correctly.  

As Energy Management Group do not provide finance ourselves, we believe we are perfectly positioned to source the most appropriate funding solution for any particular energy project. We work with several large asset finance companies and we will always look to source a funding package that offers the best return for the end user and we can structure a package to suit. 


For fully funded solutions for example we can consider structuring the repayments so the project is cash positive from year one. If the end user is comfortable with a negative cash flow in the first few years but wants to secure cheaper finance over a short term, we can do this also.


We can also structure finance packages under energy performance contracts to cover the end user for non performance of equipment for example.

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