As chartered and experienced energy professionals we provide quality independent advice on reducing costs and carbon emissions through energy efficiency measures and identify the opportunities available to generate income from adopting low carbon technologies.  

We also provide a range of low cost energy compliance services and advice to organisations, ensuring you maintain compliance with the latest in UK energy legislation.

Income Generation
Battery Storage

Energy Storage

Energy & battery storage is one of the fastest growing low carbon technologies. It allows energy users to store cheap or locally generated electricity, regulating when they buy power from the grid and avoid peak charging. ​

  • Avoid peak charging periods (Triads & DUoS) which can account for more than 40% of your electricity costs

  • Access grid incentive schemes such as Demand Side Response to earn additional revenue

  • Offers Internal Rates of Return (IRR) in excess of 20%

Renewable Energy

Installing on-site renewable heat & power generation is a great way for organisations to reduce their energy demand and avoid high import costs.


Low carbon government incentives allow additional income to be generated by producing renewable heat and power, regardless of whether the energy is used on site. 

Local generation also reduces the use of carbon intensive fuels and improves security of supply as sites become self sufficient and immune to external factors which could cause loss of power or blackouts.. 

Renewable Energy

Find out how we can support your project and receive a free independent assessment

We offer a number of consultancy services including:

Feasibility Studies

 Our feasibility studies provide an independent assessment of which low carbon technologies are best suited to your site(s), Our assessments provide detailed Return on Investment (ROI) reporting and an independent review of the funding & financing options available, making it easy to take a project forward.        ​

Funding & Energy Performance Contracts 

Where external funding sources are preferred, we can source competitive funding options and structure repayments terms so the project is cash positive from day one. If appropriate we can also structure the funding through an Energy Performance Contract (EPC).

Project Management 

Our knowledge of the low carbon market place means we are perfectly positioned to provide project management expertise for the implementation of income generation projects. We offer full project delivery services including project management, design, cost management, contractor procurement, contract administration and health & safety. 

Measurement & Verification

As certified measurement and verification professionals (CMVP) we can provide the expertise to produce and administer measurement and verification (M&V) plans for use with Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) and guaranteed savings models.